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What we have here is the first acctually good CD based system. This sytem provides great game like FF7, FF8, Metal Gear Solid, and many more. The games are also cheaper than those found on cartriges, making this system one of the best. It may not have the graphics that the N64 and DC have but this 32 bit system is deffinitly worth while. Give it a try. There are no roms for this system.


Bleem! (demo)9.0Download


This system has no roms, let me explain. These games are on CD so if you were to copy a game say FF7 from a CD to you computer it would be huge. FF7 is 3 discs to download this game it would be over 1 gigabyte, which is huge. So no roms here.

You will need Winzip to extract the files.