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My Very Awesome

This Page Was Created By Chris Corliss

This was a symbol of my Celebrity page witch has died so I will keep this image up and lets have moment of silence for my Celeb Page.........ok thats good

BRYCE 2 GALLERY I now a have an awesome program called Bryce 2 and I have some pictures that I made it rules be sure to check it out!

My Bryce 2 Page

My video games page was a failure so I am just sticking with my Zelda page it is a definite stop for Zelda fans and I now have all the Zelda Emulation out there so it is cool!

My Zelda Page

My brand NEW very own chat room if you get a chance come on it it is easy to use and really fun. Talk about what ever you want. So be sure to check it out!

My Chat Room

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