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Zelda 64: The Ocarina In Time


"This is the best Zelda game yet" (me when I first played the game). It is true this is the best one yet. Great graphics, Great game play, Awesome control, And good sound. I just got the game and I am still working on it, but I still give this game a perfect 10. If you do not have the game yet I suggest you buy it as soon as possible. Even for those people who do not like RPG games this is still for you containing Action and Adventure as well. The cinema scenes in the game are absolutely astonishing. For those people who think good cenematic scenes are only found on CD are wrong. Everyone who owns a Nintendo 64 should own this game. As the commertial says "get N or get out"....


Tips/Tricks and Q/A

Q: "How Do I get Rid Of The Statue In The First Room Of The Fire Temple?"

A: Well....You Wait Till You Get The Hammer In The Fire Temple Then You Come Back And Hit It Multiple Times.

Q: "How Do I Beat The Dodongo's Cavern???"

A: I Am Not Going To Explain The Whole Dungeon, But One Part Is Rather Difficult To Figure Out And That Is... Towards The End Of The Dungeon You Will Come Upon A Switch That Makes A Platform In The First Room Raise Up Very High, At That Point Next To The Switch There Will Be A Small Statue Witch You Must Read, What It Is Trying To Tell You Is... To Your Right There is a Bridge With 2 Wholes In It, What You Need To Do Is Drop A Bomb In Both Wholes... The Be Ready To Battle The Great Dodongo.

Q: "Can I Return To Being A Kid After Turning Into An Adult?"

A: Yes, However You Must Beat The Forest Temple First.

Tip: Try To Kill As Many Of The Cursing Spiders As You Possibly Can The Tokens Are Very Helpful In Your Quest.

Tip: Get The Horse In The Ranch As Soon As You Turn To An Adult, For It Will Make It Much Easier To Travel Around.

Tip: When Ever You See A Cow. Play Epona's Song And Have And Empty Bottle Ready.

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