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Welcome to my brand new Emulation site. I am working hard to bring you what you want and I am open for suggestions... just Mail Me with the game or emulator you want and I will put it here for a while. I am trying to make this emu site more user friendly than the others out there. For my hard work at Emulation Outlet could you please signup on my sponsors below, cause it takes a lot of time and effort to keep a site like Emulation Outlet running. Remember all of these links are mine so they will never be incorrect if I don't get clicks on my sponsors I will be forced to shut down Emulation Outlet. Thanks.

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DISCLAIMER: The roms on this page are for backup use only. I am not responsible for what you do with the stuff on this page. The point is, you will not download roms unless you have the actual game itself. thankyou.

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File Of The Moment

If you have done a lot with emulation, you may or may not no much about translated roms.  Many games are released in Japan, but never in the US.  These roms will normaly be in Japanese.  But, there are some industrious people out there who accualy translate some of these roms.  These two roms are from the Final Fantasy Series.  Final Fantasy IV and Final Fantasy V.  FF IV is the version that FF II in the US is based on.  But there are some slight differences that you will see if you try it out.  FF V is a game that was never released in the US.  This version is the best translated version I've ever seen. I sugest you try these games out, because, you will never see them for sale in this way.

 Download Final Fantasy IV

 Download Final Fantasy V


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